Proposition 2

Hays County voters will see two local bond propositions on the ballots this November, both related to safety measures. Proposition 2 would fund transportation safety and mobility improvements across the county and the combined total is $131.4 million in long-term transportation work. The Hays County Commissioners Court voted 5-0 to place this proposition on the ballot. View the ballot language for Proposition 2.


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Details of Proposition 2

Proposition 2 includes three categories of transportation improvements:

  1. $98.9 million for specific road projects across the county, especially in dangerous and/or high traffic areas. See a list of projects here.
  2. $22.5 million for drainage and low-water crossing improvements, bike-pedestrian improvements, and environmental mitigation and conservation projects .
  3. $10 million for smaller safety improvements.

Combined, this is $131.4 million in long-term transportation work. Combined with Proposition 1, financial planners estimate this can be done without increasing the current tax rate.

In categories 2 and 3, some of the money may be shifted as new traffic patterns emerge, or as matching-funds for safety and mobility projects at the state (or with local cities) become available. County officials hope to “multiply” taxpayer dollars by using them to leverage grants and state partnership money.

In addition to the road work specified in the proposed bonds, the County Commissioners Court also specified that some road sections will be ineligible for major construction funding using these bond funds, even if the bonds are approved.

All these are road segments in the western part of the county, in areas where the community has been divided about when and how to move forward on potential projects. Commissioners Court members emphasized that these road segments might be eligible for certain types of safety work, such as turn lanes or improved shoulders, but that major improvements would wait on further study and community discussion.

Those roads excluded from major construction using bond proceeds are:

  • FM 150, west of Kyle (from Arroyo Ranch Road to RM 12)
  • RM 12 from Old Ranch Road 12 to FM 150
  •  FM 2325 from RM 12 in Wimberley to the Hays-Blanco County line
  • RM 32 from RM 12 to the Blanco County line

Last time the county proposed a bond package to voters was 2008. In November of that year voters approved funds for $207.1 million in county road and transportation bonds, with TXDOT agreeing to reimburse the county up to $133 million of that based on traffic volumes.

Hays County has experience tremendous change and population growth since then. Many of the projects in the 2008 bond were completed under budget, and the reimbursement rate from the state exceeded the conservative schedules issued by the county.