Frequently Asked Questions

1.    When did the county pass its last bond package?
The last Hays County bond package was passed in 2008, for roads and transportation. The county also passed a park and open space bond in 2007.

2.    The news says Hays County is growing. How fast is population increasing?
Check out our page on "Growth and Trends" here. 

3.    A few years ago the county announced it was entering into partnerships with the state of Texas to build roads. Did the state ever pay its share?
When Hays County voters approved the 2008 transportation bonds, the county entered into a "Pass Through Toll Agreement" with the State of Texas to pay for road construction. The state is currently making payments to Hays County to reimburse the county for construction costs, as agreed to in 2008. In fact, Hays County is getting the money repaid faster than the minimum rate guaranteed in the contract.

4.    How do we know county officials will spend the money the way they say they will if we pass the bonds?State law requires bond money to be used the way it was promised. The attorney general’s office enforces this, and members of the Commissioners Court are subject to penalty should they violate the law.  

5.    What do the national rating agencies say about Hays County and its budgeting and ability to handle debt?
Read about what national bond rating agencies say about Hays County here.

6. How can I find out what roads are planned with this money?
See the list of road projects planned here.

7. How do I find out where to vote?
Early Voting is from October 24 - November 4 and Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. See a list of Early Voting locations here and a list of Election Day polling places here

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