About the 2016 Hays County Bonds

Hays County has determined there is a need for a bond referendum in November 2016 to fund transportation infrastructure and public safety facilities to meet the needs of our growing population. A final determination about a bond referendum was made on August 16, 2016, during Commissioners Court following a workshop with the County’s financial advisor and the County Auditor, that showed the County could issue as much as $250 million in bonds without increasing the tax rate or negatively affecting the County’s AA Bond Rating. The Court ultimately decided to request a vote on Proposition No. 1 for $106.4 million and Proposition No. 2 for $131.4 million.

Read a letter from your Hays County Commissioners Court about the election call here.


Proposition 1: Public Safety Facilities

Proposition 1 deals with public safety facilities and emergency services.

Proposition 2: Transportation

Proposition 2 would fund transportation and mobility improvements across the county.